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FAQ's - the Roux

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ennovation.kitchen classroom - 'the roux basics" frequently asked questions

I have a product to sell, but haven't thought of myself as a manufacturer.  Is this classroom right for me? 

the ennovation.kitchen classroom "the roux basics" is DESIGNED for you.   there's a whole bunch more to being able to sell your product and building a market.  once you start there's a whole business/industry around offering your product to a third-party... whether you're selling it online or going for those wholesale/retail accounts.  


I'm a foodtruck owner and/or caterer.  Is this the right classroom for me? 

the roux basics is designed for food manufacturers.  unless you're looking at meal packaging for food service, this wouldn't be the right classroom for you. 


Do I already have to be in business to sign up for the course? 

you don't already have to be in business to sign up for the ennovation.kitchen the roux basics classroom.  however, there is a cost and class size is limited.   we want you to know you are ready to go into business and would expect you to be properly licensed and certified by the end of the course so that you can participate in the graduation buyer's event. 

I already am in business, may I apply for the classroom? 

absolutely.   you may apply for the course if you're already in business, whether at an early stage or starting to gain traction.  while the roux basics is not a "getting started guide" and has some intense coursework,  it is meant to introduct food production/ manufacturing to an early stage business.


if you're at a place of steady revenue or have been in business for a year, but still need to improve efficiency, scale and profitability, please contact us.  we have "the advanced" classroom, which is one-to-one  coursework starting soon.  

How much is the ennovation.kitchen classroom - "the roux basics" course? 

the twelve- week ennovation.kitchen the roux basics classroom course is $1,500.   we require a deposit of 50% to be paid at the time of approval of your application and the balance to be paid a minimum of one week prior to beginning the first scheduled one-to-one percolator session.    (there are limited scholarships available, based on availability)

How long is the roux basics classroom in total and how long does each session workshop last? 

the roux basics classroom is a twelve-week course.  set weekly for three hour intervals.  group coursework will be scheduled during the weekday evening, however the one-to-one work can be scheduled during the day

What is the application process? 


there is a written application and a telephone interview process.  qualified applicants selected for the class will be notified at minimum three weeks before start of scheduling the first one-to-one coursework session.  

all parties are required to fill out the online application.  by submitting an application you give us permission to call you.  the application details are kept in confidence.  

Do I have to attend all of the classroom workshops? 

you will be required to attend the first one-to-one.  you can miss up to group sessions to be eligible to attend the buyer's graduation event.   there is no make-up coursework scheduling. 

Can I sign up for only one or two workshops? 

the roux basics is a carefully designed classroom,  specifically crafted to answer a good majority of the questions we've encountered through the years of assisting starting food manufacturing businesses.  because of the application and proprietary nature of the subject matter, we do not allow audits or single classroom workshop attendance. 

Can I send employees through the course? 

due to the limited amount of space and the nature of the curriculum, we ask that only owners, partners, and qualified operations managers attend.  each company is given two slots per approved company and we will ask you to identify who will be representing your company throughout the roux basics classroom.  this is designed for the owner and operator of early-stage food production.

Can I attend only the buyer's event? 

i'm sorry, the buyer's event will be by invitation only to the current ennovation.kitchen class and graduates of the program. 

Can I participate on-line? 

at this time we don't have an online option - but we're working on it. 

Where will the classroom workshops be held? 

the initial one-to-one workshops will be at the Ennovation Center in Independence, MO.   group sessions are currently scheduled there, but depending on the logistical make-up of each class, we reserve the right to move location from time to time.  each participant will be notified of such move via email and text. 

I'm not from the Kansas City region?  Can I still attend? 

absolutely.   there's no residency or location requirement.   please know that the local and state regulatory information will be somewhat specific to the KC Region, however the general information will be relevant.   we would require you to present proof or obtain a business license and be registered  your production location prior to graduation. 

Is this course accredited? 

this is not an accredited or certified course.  it is however a course designed by professionals for professionals in food production.

What else is offered with the classroom? 

along with the coursework, you're also going to be required to have a business plan and financial projections complete by the end of the course.  in addition, during the twelve week class you'll receive 10 hours in the ennovation center kitchen that you can utilize to either test product or improve your production efficiency (production runs going to a third party for sale must be properly certified with all regulatory agencies).    

What makes the ennovation.kitchen classroom qualified to work with business? 

The ennovation.kitchen classroom curriculum is taught by industry and business professionals that are owners and C-suite executives for companies known around the world of business and food.   the classroom facilitators are experienced business resource providers, having been in economic development for over 20 years and have worked with business throughout their life cycle.  

What is your refund policy? 

a fifty-percent (50%) deposit of the classroom fee is requested upon approval of the application.  the balance is due one week prior to the first one-to-one scheduled session.  if a company elects not to continue the classroom prior to the start of coursework, they forfit the deposit  because the class is very limited seating, no refund is given after sessions have started. 

Are there any guarantees that the ennovation.kitchen classroom can make my business a profit? 

There are no guarantees or warrantees associated with the ennovation.kitchen classroom, coursework, or expert counseling.  this coursework and the agents representing are there strictly as information.  your solely responsible for your own business application and utilization of the knowledge herein.  any representation of success is strictly mean to be knowledge based.  

I'm not ready for this yet and want to learn more about being in a food production business prior to entering this course. Who do I contact? 

please feel free to contact the ennovation center at www.ennovationcenter.com or info@ennovationcenter.com

I'm way past this, but need help scaling my business past just a regional company. Can you assist? 

the ennovation.kitchen classroom is currently working on one-to-one, intensive coursework.  this service, offered through IREC, will be available after March 2018.  in the meantime we can connect you to professionals for direct contracted services.