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why ennovation.kitchen classroom? 

you've been told you have a great product to sell.   it tastes amazing, you've researched the market and you're ready to start producing. 

but... what do you do next

whether you want to sell online, direct to consumers or wholesale to grocery and retail, making the product is only a part of the process, being in business is the rest.

the ennovation.kitchen classroom is designed to help accelerate the learning curve on owning a food-production business.  its designed to save you  time and money by providing insight and expertise from business and industry experts.  

this twelve week course begins with one-to-one coaching to review your business goal, plan, projected financials and product testing review to help prepare you for managing business.  following this review, class participants will join in group workshops to learn more about the key elements of starting and growing a food-manufacturing business. the classwork culminates with a buyer's event  which places your product and business in front of regional buyers to help accelerate revenue.  

you're in business.  taste. success

Roux Basics:  the details

are you serious about starting and growing a food-based business and introducing your product into the marketplace?  the roux basics is a not-so-basic course about being in a food-production business.  


the coursework is a twelve-week business commitment that starts with confidential one-to-one counseling to confirm your business goals, help you articulate your business plan, review financial projections and verify that you're prepared for the market ahead.     


group sessions are 3-hour sessions taught by industry professionals.  the session workshops are designed to be interactive with actionable work on your business between sessions each week.  this course is designed to help your business grow, participation and attendance is mandatory.  to protect your confidentiality, participants will be asked to sign non-disclosure agreements at the beginning of each class.

the roux basics course is $1,500.  there are limited scholarships available.  there is an application process (including application and interview) and seating is limited to the first 10 companies approved (exclusive 2 seats per company).  

Roux Basics: the classes

Regulatory Understanding

the food manufacturing industry is highly regulated, for good reason - to protect public health.  food businesses have to be aware and qualified to implement quality and safety controls to be compliant and to develop safe products.  the ennovation.kitchen classroom regulatory workshop explains the woven maze of regulations and teaches the classroom participant relevant rules about stages of regulation as the business grows and scales. 

Finance, Insurance and Legal:

you're in business to sell a product and make a profit.   this session presents participants with an understanding of how to position the business to weather starting and scaling; what type of insurance you'll need as you grow; and how business owners can plan for the pain-points of building and managing a business.

Brand Differentiation and Positioning: 

collaborative and interactive discussion designed for early stage business to understand your product or company's UNIQUE place in a competitive market.   this coursework will challenge participants to define your unique place in the market, brand differentiation and execution of strategies designed to help you stand out in a sea of shelf-space.  

Marketplace and Pricing: 

this workshop series explores knowing your product's target customer and competition, and how to price accordingly.   retail professionals will discuss the margins expected by product handlers (throughout the process) to better prepare you to price for growth and profitability.  pricing models will include direct sales, wholesale, and contracted distribution.  

Process Flow and Inventory Management: 

participants learn efficient practice in documentation and practicing production process flow to gain better insight into increasing profitability and scale-ability.  gain an understanding of creating an inventory process, best practices in inventory sourcing, tracking and cost management critical for a positive bottom line. 

Organization and Workforce Development:  

having a strong handle on how your internal business structure (including process flows) is formed, identifying gaps that can help you become more efficient, and making sure you have your back office covered is critical to a healthy business.  understanding how and when you add contact labor or employees, and the implications of that addition is vital to being able to fill orders, building a customer base and growing a company.  

Production Strategies: 

so you have a great product and you want to continue to grow the business, you're just not sure how to scale your capacity to produce to keep up with orders...and do so at a profit.  learn about different production strategies including scale up production, label and packaging strategies, contract manufacturing and copacking as a manufacturing strategy. 

Sales and Distribution (think large): 

learn leading edge strategy for sales distribution from a professional who understands driving product and sales through to a national marketplace.   Participants will learn and understand executable realities of the rapidly changing landscape of the US retail market (post summer 2017) and the implications for your small business gaining the sales needed to succeed and thrive.  

Product Demonstration and Distribution options:

whether you're strategy is direct-to-consumer or retail strategy, in the early stages you're going to have to demonstrate your product.   this workshop teaches some entertaining ways to capture would-be consumers attention and what to expect when buyers say "yes".  now that you have sales and you're in production, what are your distributing options?  learn more about how to work yourself out of the delivery business so that you can continue to grow. 

Graduation:  A Buyer's Event: 

put your sales and marketing skills to work as you feature products to buyers in this focused and fun invitation only open house.